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ArtMacoro Kalendar 2017 - Hidden Temple of Snakes by NathalieWojta ArtMacoro Kalendar 2017 - Hidden Temple of Snakes :iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 0 3 [ArtMacoro calendar 2016] Metamorphosed Flower by NathalieWojta [ArtMacoro calendar 2016] Metamorphosed Flower :iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 3 0
Requiem aeternam - Rakksha-Church's First Canton
loving mother,
protecting your children,
from overwhelming eternal darkness,
caring parent,
feeding your offspring,
providing us with strength,
truth seeker,
finding safe footing,
never blinded by hatred,
:iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 1 0
Requiem aeternam - Happy Easter! by NathalieWojta Requiem aeternam - Happy Easter! :iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 2 0 Requiem aeternam: Ghostgate at work by NathalieWojta Requiem aeternam: Ghostgate at work :iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 2 2 Requiem aeternam: Ghost plush toy: Root elemental by NathalieWojta Requiem aeternam: Ghost plush toy: Root elemental :iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 1 3 Character design new girl-mascot wwm by NathalieWojta Character design new girl-mascot wwm :iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 3 0 Characterdesign New Mascot WWM by NathalieWojta Characterdesign New Mascot WWM :iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 5 2 Requiem aeternam Logo by NathalieWojta Requiem aeternam Logo :iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 2 0
Requiem aeternam: A ghostgate's nightmare
I ran trough cold darkness, trying to flee from something, someone, but unable to escape. All around me I heard his voice apologizing before a sudden pain pierced my heart. I stumbled, felt towards a cullet-covered floor, to be devoured by deadness and agony.
That is the moment I wake, sometimes screaming but more often crying silently. One question hammering inside my head:
The old wound throbs and sends cold blizzards right into my heart. Nothing, whether my faithful guardians effort, nor the warmth of a tea are able to chase this heavy tremble away from my extremities. As the nightmares wrath slowly begins to fade into the sunrise, I begin to wonder for the blink of an eye: Was my choice the correct one? Was it the right way to life than to forget and become a carefree little one?
:iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 2 0
Requim: Lost
There are two ways to escape eternal darkness:
To whither away like a sensitive flower,
Or to transform it into your new light.
Either way, your soul is lost forevermore,
Devoured by sadness and despair,
Torn apart by pain and cruelty.
An empty shell is all that remains
To scuffle on with hanging shoulders
Through a world filled with broken mirrors.
Nothing but a vessel for the monster that killed you
Waiting patiently for its next victim
To feed the never deceasing hunger.
:iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 3 0
Requiem: Second Life
New morning, new life
Old sun kisses me awake
Her touch filled with an unknown, strange cold
nevertheless overflowing with eternal gentleness.
New life, new sounds
Wind rushes though the trees
Creating an unfamiliar whispering around me
A mellow background music for the little ones laughter.
New sounds, new surroundings
My first own bed, oddly comfortable
Light walls, filled with pictures not carpets
Colors duller even so filled with a warm liveliness.
New surroundings, new faces
The world: filled with countless little ones, overflowing with joy
My path:  protected by a sedulous, faithful guardian
My new family:  five sisters bound by the same fate.
New faces, ne tasks
No longer serving the living but the deceased
Helping them to pass through the eternal wall
So old ones, young ones and little ones can finally return home.
New tasks, new morning
The night is over, I’ve cried for my lost ones
Without looking back, I’ll march on
To smile for my new family from the d
:iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 1 0
Requiem: World Poetry Day
“Hey puppy, what are you doing in the shadows?”
“Woah, you startled me, old man! What do you want?”
“Insolent as ever, what’s that?”
“Nothing! OI, give it back!”
“Your gentle shine helps me to become the man, worthy for your… Well, that is the worst attempt of a love poem I’ve ever seen.”
“Yeah, you are quite the expert. Give it back.”
“Oh boy, you still have a long way to go. Words of love are like sweet pastries with nothing but your girl in the centre. They have to be like honey, so she’ll never be able to escape your strong but gentle embrace.”
“Sure, like a bunch of empty phrases could say more than honest words deep from your very heart.”
“At least it will keep your love from running right into the arms of another man. Trust me kid:  Every woman lusts after romance like a flower yearns for the sunlight.”
“States the guy who never w
:iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 1 0
First white-serade flower:
Sweet fragrance, enchantment of mind
Pure laughter, light in the darkness
Sparkling eyes, eternity lost
Warm strength, embrace without sorrow.
Second white-serade flower:
Wild mind, refreshing soul balm
Bubbling happiness, energy for the tired
Wind like Movements, breathless staring
Unbreakable sense of justice, a defense against every attack.
Third white-serade flower:
Motherly hugging, feeling of security
Bottomless empathy, revealing all sorrow
One with the nature, eternal respect from every being
Manifold knowledge, a cure for every distress.
Fourth white-serade flower:
Ceaseless gentleness, converting every darkness into light
Cristal shining soul, a safe port within a sea of betrayal
Hardworking helpfulness, erasing every stone in ones path
Cute naivety, awakening the guardian within our self.
:iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 3 5
A Whisper in the Mist
We have to die in despair,
Since a peaceful death leaves no regrets.
We have to die in despair,
To ensure we would never fall into the darkness embrace.
We have to pass three trials,
Way, Name and Reason mark the solid stepping stones within the path.
We have to pass three trials,
Because only accepting the inadmissible truth will unlock the door.
We have to bear a burden,
Otherwise the world will crumble into nothingness
:iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 2 0
Requiem - Ghost plush toys: Fire elementals by NathalieWojta Requiem - Ghost plush toys: Fire elementals :iconnathaliewojta:NathalieWojta 1 2


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Jop, ich sag bescheid, wird nur wahrscheinlich noch was dauern *seufz*
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